Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 2:18 AM

Deciphering the REAL from the Fake.

I try not to, but I go back on my word less than sometimes. Usually I'll say I don't like someone or their ways & I'll never agree w/ them or talk to them again, but honestly I must say lately I've been agreeing w/ @iSlayYourFav, @J0rdan0re0, @_TeamMinajMO & @nickiminajhelp. I've realized that just because you've had problems w/ someone in the past doesn't mean you can't work out your future with them. After the incident 3 days ago, THESE FOUR have been the ONLY ones I've seen RT'd on my TL & I must say what they're saying is soooo real yo. Like I feel like someone just dusted off the fucking glass to reality for me. I'm not throwing shade but the ones that I THOUGHT would go hard for Nicki, honestly proved me wrong. Like, as soon as Nic went against what you "believed in" you went against her. She was just telling you the fucking truth. YOU should have been the ones I constantly bickered or got into arguments w/, honestly. But the four I mentioned...they are the ones who I've seen STANNING for Onika Tanya! They have proved their positions as die hards! Now, don't feel bad if I'm not mentioning you, because Nic has TONS of die hards. I'm just mentioning the four that I KNOW I've gotten into arguments w/ & cussed at & all dat. lol. I mean in TeamMinaj we all fight & argue & quite honestly, it's fucked up. But we need to remember we are a family. We need to start LISTENING to Nicki when she says "Don't fight." "Stop arguing.". She doesn't say it for her health. I'm sure today though, she looked at her TL & smiled because we were all laughing & joking around. Bringing things back to how they're suppose to be. We all stan for the same queen, even though we can't stand each other. lol We're all brothers & sisters in this whole TM family. Yes brothers & sisters fight, but we can't turn it into a blocking war. I know I've blocked all four of the die hards above, but I unblocked them like four days ago, they didn't know. I've been actually thinking about writing this blog for a long time. I honestly hate arguing w/ my TM fam, because on some real shit, I could tear a krimlin down w/ half the anger you whores give me, lmaoo. But I just wanted to tell you four that I love you & I appreciate how you've continued to stan for the queen, whether you agreed w/ her or not. I really appreciate that y'all. And I hope we can, get back on better terms, because I honestly don't remember why we fought, but it doesn't matter now. lol (y'all better not remind me!). Love you! Mmmuah!

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