Thu, May 10, 2012 at 9:54 PM

chauncey edwards:)*mwuuah*

Chauncey ihs my ex,hes 20 yrs old, iove known hym for 2yrs but was finally intruduc;d to hym last june, when were first met he wahz tryna holla aht mehh an he sayd he want'd mehh to behh hys gyrl but i threw iht ohf bckuhs i knew he just want'd to fuxx....well i stop goin around hym ihn september then ihn january i msg'd hym, ohn facebook bckuhs i wahz tryna get hys lil brother && my lil sister back 2gether well i gave hym my number && he txt'd mehh the next day say'n he wahz tryna still get wyth mehh && that i never left hys mind ( he saty'd ohn my FB page..lolss) but any way i still thought that he juxx want'd to fuxx well january 17, i gave hym a chance we were on && off for 3 weeks bckuhs i just wasnt happy but he wahz....we stay'd frds && sexual partners....he want'd mehh back but just wasnt ready for a serious relationship && i didnt wanna play hym. he sayd he love'd mehh an i do believe hym bckuhs he put it ohn hys daughter && he treats her like a princess....well feburary 11 he wahz involv'd in an accident && has been in the hospital every since, hes in a nursin home now and is doing extremely well...hes partly the reason why im not gettin serious ihn any relationship (boys) bckuhs once he gets back ohn hys feet && he decides he wants what we had then ima drop everything an goh back to hym bcuhs i love hym an promis'd myself i wpuld always behh here for hym on anything he need'd && im carry'n hys second child he dosent know yet but i will tell hym soon yhf he just wants to behh frds then ima start lookin for the next person to take mehh from my first love....i think about chauncey everyday && hys truly my best friend..nobody will ever come in between khalil && jamal yhf chauncey wants mehh back...then im movin ohn wyth hym and gettin ready for new life wyth hym...i love yuhh cahuncey baby && im here no matter what the situation hys....

kelly rowland-motivation...lolss R song-i love hym

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