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Ok- im not guhna lie, I kno for a fact that when mehh && deaja’s relationship ends-hope it dohnt- im not guhna behh bii anymore ; im goin back str8, but TBH, im really feelin thys gyrl ikow it may seem like I dohnt but I do (blush)-my lil cousin tekila knows the real reason bout mehh not liken beein bii ;but I choose to gyve lil mama a chance since I already lead her on-an frankly im enjoyin beein with her
I mean the plan originally was to go biicurious for 2 days but I guess deaja has changed my plans-thanks lil mama …but for the past few weeks lil mama been on my mind an really not givin a dam what anybody think…an if they do guess what –ion give a fuck—lmao?? so TBH, im happy that my son will have a great step-mommie who love him just as much as I do
#LOVE _YUHH_BOO!!!C333333

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    On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 7:43 PM, Tekila Michelle said:

    Awee (;

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