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The song Here I Am to me shows Nicki laying her soul and self on the table to the world so i thought personally that at the start before the music intro cuts in , Nicki could be dressed in Army Barbie gear with a rifle hanging on her shoulder while she walks through a war infected and deserted village. She could be walking in slow motion with a bit of swagger walk thrown in. As the song goes on she could walk in and out of little houses that have been ripped apart while seeing forgotten memories such as kids toys and photographs. She could also be lookin around and seeing shadows of a soldier trying to fight battle. At the end of the song as the music stops she could look back and slowly walk off while holding an a bracelet of a little that she found on the ground.

Hope you like my idea! More coming Xx

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    On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 9:00 AM, XxHarlowBarbieMinajxX said:

    Also Adding On To Dat.. Nicki Could be following a little girl who is wandering alone. Nicki Could be acting like she sees herself in this little girl and at the end of the song ,the girl could drop the bracelet and somehow walk off and is never to be seen again like a mirage then AFTER nicki could pick up the bracelet and look around to see where the girl went then look up into the heavens and smile.

    Also At the start she could arrive by a Big motorbike like a HARLEY davidson or a grey sports car Xx


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