Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 7:14 AM

i live for Onika

I am a girl who you would see around the streets and never even think of the fact that I have thought of suicide before. one day I was convinced that I was going to give up on life. That day Nic tweeted "BARBZ Never give up and always have respect for your self" that day I felt a VERY strong connection With NIC. I started to listen to NICKI"s music 24/7 non stop. I was............. ADDICTED. Soooo many of her songs had very deep meaning songs. From Autobiography to Still I rise all the way to Can anybody hear me . Even though it was about her life story I still felt her deep feelings through the song. I felt a strong connection that I don't even feel with my own mother . That's exactly when I realized that Nicki is something very important to me . since then I've been able to recover from the suicidal thoughts and I don't know how ill ever be able to thank her. I just want to let her know that I will forever support her in EVERYTHING. Nic is the baddest bitch to EVER do this and with always be. No one will EVER be able to take her spot. Nicki Owns the rap community . Her raps ,her Bars, her metaphors are ALWAYS on point and that's something No one will ever be able to do . The fact that she's lyrically better than most Niggas in the game makes me proud af . Nic has accomplished soo much, more than what any other female rapper has been able to do , matter of act more than what any other rapper has ever accomplished . Nicki is the only rapper who has created a HUGE empire and the day that she decides to leave she will know that she has left a trace and an inspiration to others . I will forever be proud on Nicki even though it will be the saddest day of my life when Nicki decides to retire but thankfully that's no time soon !

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    barbz/kens are here 4 u to
    if you need
    (add me)

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