Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 2:22 AM

Hello Barbies!

Im so glad to be a part of Nicki's offical site.. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS WOMEN.. I dont understand why the majority of women hate her! why? They need to respect her cause not only is she reppin for US WOMEN, but she is also pavin the way for other females to be top in the industry.. Yeh there was salt n pepper, queen latifah, mc lite.. and im not even gonna mention ( Lil Kim) cause had it not been for BIGGIE, she wouldve still be workin in DR JAYS!!!! Lol.. Nicki is the new generation of rap! so many years from now they will ALWAYS remember Nicki as the ( 1st ever female rapper to pave the way for future artists). Think about it, they are comparing Minaj as the rap version of Lady GaGa ( LADY GAGA IS KNOW ALL OVER THE WORLD)C'mon so for ladies to hate, they should just stop and RESPECT HER, Like for real...

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