Tue, May 10, 2011 at 8:23 PM



. Nicki - Ayo Sean Yu Mr Kingston yu said yu have it ? Yu wait pon dem so look gwon in ya eyes ya pretty and ya Nice ya done know nicki ya wiffe but yu say i be up with yu say i aint like em otha bitches that be acten loosley now i know yu geting hypa yu wanna get up all in it but i just wanna think about it anotha min , i think i like ya style yo why yo dnt we let go AYO ! And i aint gotta tell him and i aint gotta sell em it YSL teddy and i aint even gotta spell it and yes i kill em killa em i guess im a muda fcken Villian i puff im on the builden tha builden YA DEFF ? Bwoyy Mii Sonq Leff , Come get this play boy bunny like huff healf ? Sky rahstaforeye dutty dutyy duhh Duhh duuh duuh duuh duuh Dutty

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