Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 9:51 PM

Randomness!! :D

im loyal to myself, cuz in da end der aint no body else, dey been coming nd goimg, but da trust is still stuck, nd i really dnt giv a fuxkk, dnt worry bout me nd my life, all u need is da true love from ur family, friends come nd go, relationships rise nd fall, but after it all, who is der to call, i giv my shoulder out, i dnt expect anything bak, i help myself, learn from my mistakes, & wit every breath i take i dont let dem go to waste, live life to da fullest! dont limit urself! but dats jus me, wat i realize is my opinion, im strong nd dont need to live in da past, life us moving so fast, never wonder how long ill last, we all disappear sooner or later, ima b open nd jus worry bout my family, love will always b der, no matter what, sumtimes u jus have to realize dat da one person u need to love da most is urself, so forget da regrets nd live like da gud dreams we have, everything is possible u jus hav to put ur mind to it, i finally got over it, a hard time but it made me realize, it was me but it wasnt a mistake, da life i hav has sum conflicts nd if i culd i wuldnt do it ova, bottom line jus smile nd b happy fo wat u hav, dnt b ignorant or ungrateful, da best is jus yet to come if u go for it, when da worst comes dont collapse, dont trip jus cuz i dint fall, im not in a rush, i dont judge, i keep it neutral wat u say i dont take it as a lie or da truth, it is wat it is, jus live life optimistic, ;*

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