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My M4L. the day i met Nicki and Safaree. 28.06.2012

i met Nic and Safaree 28th June 2012.
we'd started to line up at 3pm, you couldn't get your M&G wristband till 5pm so we waited. we eventually got let in at 7:30pm.. i was front row!!!!

Stooshe Nic's opening act were on for about half an hour. they were quite good. But then Nic came on, she was singing roman's revenge and came on dressed in a similar costume as what she wore to the grammy's but in black she walked down the staircase, everyone screamed the atmosphere was amazing, it was full of love. Safaree came on for a few songs it was mad cute. She also sang one of her mix tape songs " itty bitty piggy" she was mad happy that we knew all the words. She was on stage for roughly an hour and a half, girls were fainting throughout the whole show, Nic kept throwing shirts to people in the crowds, people were crying and throwing up.
...The show came to an end. The M&G started.
we had to que up in a separate line and the man gave us some rules, he was like " don't hug nicki unless she hugs you, don't touch her, you can only have one thing signed..blah blah blah" Nic had bought us domino's pizza, and chicken wings from KFC. she also bought us Pepsi, water and some fizzy drinks. my time had finally came, i was waiting at the door, i had tears in my eyes, the security man said to me:
Are you okay? i said, yeah i'm fine. I'm just mad nervous. he said why? i said "because i'm about to meet NICKI MINAJ i love her so much" and he laughed and said, well you're gonna meet her now, my body was shaking. i saw her standing there meeting other people my eyes teared up, my body was shaking. she smiled at me as i walked over, she said hello and signed my VIP pass, i said omg Nicki i love you so much she hugged me. and asked me what my name was i said " Katie" she said Kasey? i said no Katie. she said ohhhhhh KA-T-IE i said yes :D. She said called me cute. i said Nicki she said yes and smiled, i said can i have a nick name please? she said yes ofcourse, your names i call you Katie Holmes? and she did her cute little chuckle and i was like omg yes!! Thank you and she said to Safaree whilst laughing " safaree i just said to her can i call you Katie Holmes and she said yes" and Safaree and Terrence laughed. (btw Terrence was in like pjyama pants ) she called me cute again. and said gave me a hug again. i got my picture took with her she held my hands and said " i'll always love you, never forget that " i said i love you too Nic. she smiled. and said are you a good ladybug in school? i said yes. she said good. she said to me, now don't you go off with any strangers okay, i said okay. and she said aw give me another hug.

LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. that will one of my most cherished memories, NO ONE can take that away from me.
i will forever stan and be grateful for NICKI MINAJ.
I love you Nic.

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