Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 9:32 PM


By: KeirKenHB

I always just sit back and wonder......wonder what it would be like if i was to disappear. Or if i was to just vanish from you. Would you hurt? Would you cry? Would it matter? I never feel good enough for you. Like i always have to prove something to you. You make me feel dumb and alone. Sometimes i hate you. Hate you to the core. But its so weird how that attracts me. I love the suspense. You keep me guessing. If it was always good.... we would be so complacent. So boring. Things would be so routined. And if things were so bad....we would hate each other. We would be living in misery. So i love what we have. Even though i want more..... I love you but i hate you. I miss you but you annoy me. I want to spend time with you but i want you to leave me the hell alone. I want to learn more about you but i really dont care... Im PRETTY SURE its mutual. Lol.

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