Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 9:39 PM


By: KeirKenHB

I've always been the type to fight for what I want. And I think nothing is worth having if you didn't put up a fight.
But you have to make sure what you're fight for is something worth having.

Well I'm fighting for something. I think its worth having. Its something that I want so bad. Something that I almost need. I fight hard everyday. That something makes me feel so good. So complete. So excited. Its a feeling like nothing else in the world. Nothing can make me feel so right. Kinda like a nice glazed donut...but its a filling inside. Like a big bowl of vanilla ice cream on a fiery hot summer day. Like cuddling up with the one you love on a Sunday night watching TrueBlood. (Lol).

What I'm trying to say is.... when you know your special know it. You and only you. Its the only thing that defines you. No matter what anyone know your special something.

I know my special something....atleast I think I know...

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