Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 9:40 PM


By: KeirKenHB

Drew?? Hay there? Hows it going? Me? Oh im good. Um i guess he told me you guys are starting to conversate. Yeah... Jealousy is definitely starting to set in. Im starting to hate you and i dont even know you. Thats sad. I wonder what you guys talk about. Lying here in bed makes me wonder alot. I want to ask you but i cant find the strength. I see you everyday and everytime adrenaline rushes through me. Like i want to just smack the shit out of you. But i cant because you dont know . You have no clue on what we have. No idea what you're doing to us. You're blind. And i dont really blame you. What makes me mad is that he likes you. I know he does. He's told me before. Its going to happen. Slowly but surely you're taking my spot. Mark my words. You're going to be the new ERIC KEIR ALLEN in his life. Probably better. Idk. I guess i need to stop thinking about it. It makes me queasy. Havent eaten in the past few days thinking about what you guys are now building. It hurts so bad. And i can see you with him. :(


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