Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 8:59 AM

Happy Christmas Hermione Granger Style

By: kelseeeyO

Sooo, tomorrow is Christmas Eve & I'm heading up north to the rez. Indians is callin' tha Chief! It is a State of the Union Address! haha s'playin'. But for real though, I'm heading back for the night. Won't be back till Saturday! Howeva on the contrary, when I get back I'ma have me some fun, featuring Dang-A-Lang {da otha gay bff} haha. He dope. Anywhooo can't wait! I opened my presents a lil' earlier this year due to traveling etc. Got some good shit. Some new clothes & other festive gifts. Changing up the style & swaaaaaaaaaaaag. So can't wait for New Years, time to choose some new clothes to wear out! Gonna be a blast. Things are going good. Which is good. Can't complain. I'm still tryin' to change some things that I don't like about myself but it will come with a teeny, weeny little bit of time. Keywords teeny, weeny. Pause. Just thought I'd drop by and update ya'll. K well..

Happy Christmas! & be safe!

KenBarb, KelseeeyO &hearts

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    On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 10:14 AM, KenBarb CRiz1122 said:

    Happy Christmas Nicki
    It's me Cris. I was the 1 who had the lil girl with me @ ur #1 Album signing. Let me just say I Love It I Love ur album ur Fucking Awsome. I realy want 2 see u Preform Live. Can u get me in this is the Only Chrismas Gift [email protected] I want. I want 2 see u again. 2 see u again would be my Dream cometrue. I've been through alot this month. I was @ 106&Nicki & got u 2 sign my man Boob & took a messed up pic wit u but i still love it cause u look Awsome in it but I look like shit in it. I wanted 2 know if u can try 2 get me in 4 ur concert on the 25 ur coming Pause 2 The Bx & [email protected] Right Around where I live @. I didn't get 2 buy the ticket 4 ur show cause times is hard 4 me pause right now people played me when they told me they got me but they played me @ the end but its all good. I hope u looked @ my designs [email protected] i gave u i got some more i got some hot shit 4 u 2 take a look @...;-)
    Love Cris

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