Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 5:16 PM

Girl on Fire (Nicki Minaj)❤

Spirit of Marilyn callin' me
Audibly bawlin', she
Said that she would never leave
Continue to torture me
Tellin' me to come with her
Underneath my comforter
She brought a gun with her
Girl says to run with her
Took me on a balcony,
Tellin' me to jump with her
Yeah, I'm into ghosts but
I ain't doin' stunts with her
I ain't tryna be that
Haters wanna see that
But I got them aggy
'Cause I win the gold like Gabby

Dear God,
If you hear, God
Make the fire disappear when they stare, God
Take away my fear when they interfere, God
Do you fear God? 'Cause I feel God
And in my backyard, that's a deer, God
And that's a horse ranch
And to my core fans
Keep reppin' me, do it 'til the death of me
X in the box, 'cause ain't nobody checkin' me

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