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Who the fuck are you? Biggest rap-joke that I've ever seen
You put a fucking shame to the entire THEORY ENT
Listen obediently, I'm a suicidal recipe
I rest you two in torture, screw a motherfucking Rest In Peace
Like seriously, Igor take your ass back to your belltower
You and Royalty couldn't defeat me with combined power
All the shit you spit, defines a devoured rap-coward
Five years of verbal garbage, nigga take a fucking shower
It's just reality, your rhymes remain witless
My fist's been fitted to these lyrics to ensure that I hit it
On you I shitted, I'm a dawg, you're the just the bone that I finished
Man I get buck like ten black thugs stuck in a room with a witness
"Good Vs Bad", shut your ass up I go Jet-Li
Drag you from a Jetski while you sing in pain like A-Lee
Obey me, or praise me, still got you screaching saying "Sir Please
Quite all this raw spitting, I'm just doing what I can't be!"
Feeling froggy bro? Let me point you to my fly
In other words my dick is what you fucking apetite
Bonnie & Clyde bitch, better duck or hide
We get wicked like a bitch with a broom in the sky

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