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NICKI MINAJ this is nicki minaj's new song ...

stuff i searched up about her
Nicki Minaj biography starts with her as born in Trinidad. The famous female rap star survived a violent childhood after her family migrated to America when she was five. Nicki Minaj remained strong by writing her feelings into rap songs until she was discovered by the hip hop community on Myspace.

Nicki Minaj has not only made her mark with her hip hop lyrics about her violent family, but also with her style with colorful hair and costumes. Although this princess of hip hop is a strong determined woman, the Nicki Minaj family tree uncovers what has made her a strong woman to serve as a role model for teens and hip hop lovers everywhere. The starburst chapters of the Nicki Minaj biography have just started to be written. Expect the 2011 year to show us the multifaceted talents from this young inspiring hip hop artist

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