Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 10:34 PM


so today as i was listening to ROMAN SLIM SHADY and MARTHA that made me want to introduce BARBIE LAND to the BARBS in my without any further ado i present KHLOE ALLIE ADRIENNE and ARI....

Khloe --- me the REAL me-- I am sweet kind and loving...i love helping others and my family is what matters the most to me...#1 Nicki fan would do anything for her and the YMCB crew..inspired by greatness that is NICKI MINAJ...a little GIRL CRAZY but boys are ok

ALLIE--preppy and conservative--HATES load and obnoxious people..boys are her venue and she only wants the best ones they must have the CHUCK BASS LOOK and wants nothing less..only wears tweed plaid and collard shirts the "GOLF" look and the "JACKIE O" is her best need to lay finger on you....why when she has people to do that for her....she is sweet but don't get on her bad side SHE RUNS THE CITY OF NYC.....

ADRIENNE----Latino Hood Chick---reppin Washington Heights all day every day she WILL CUT A BITCH attitude DGAF *my inner raper* she STARTS shit and she FINISH shit..she is a doll at heart but no one but her girl ever sees that side...she is very "OLD NICKI" all around HOOD....attitude I WISH A BITCH WOULD and she is a bad bitch

ARI----sex vixen---she is in love with sex boy or girl it don't matter to her if you can handle her you can have her....NO she is NOT a HOE she just love to fuck....she is very Dita Von Tess she knows what she wants how she wants it and when she want it...loves to be naked HATES clothes and would rather not wear them....and her pussy is ALWAYS WET

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