Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 12:52 PM

"Nicki Minaj: My Time Now"

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Maybe i was just auditioning to see if i could kick everybodys ass,and than i will gracefully bow out
and say im done, NEXT ROLE.

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Okay so if yuh havent checked out the preview for

Nicki's MTV Documentary Premiering Sunday Nov.

28th at 10PM "CHECK IT OUT". After watching it

i swear i had chills all up down my body and 2.5

sec from tearing up, Real Talk. In just the 1 and

some preview of it i can already tell how its going

to be amazing and is going to let ppl see who the

real Nicki Minaj is when it comes to her being off-

stage, being back in her homeland it-it its just

amazing how yuh can see how far this Woman has

come and what she has done to build the strong

individual who she is today. I know for a FACT

this documentary is really gonna hit the spot for

me cause i myself have been through some rough

times and felt like giving up and whn im out in public

i put a smile on and show ppl how strong i am, but

like any otha real individual there is a emotional

somewhat weak side that yuh cant always hide

and its nothing but normal to show some tears.

So im supa excited to see this and get to see

her for more of who she is. I give nothing but

CONGRATS to you girl yuh have come along

way and i see yuh doing alot more in the future

cause im sure yuh you and all of us fans know

"yuh aint thru".

*Blows Kisses*


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