Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 11:42 AM


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WOW! i am in complete love with this almbum

barbz!!!! like we all knew Nicki was gonna do it

big with this first album no doubt, but damn!!

my girl "Did It On 'Em"!!! i have no dislikes in

this album at all. I dont think i have ever bought

in album where i palced it on repeat and actually

listened to every song over and over again, this

one is the first. I ♥ every song for its own

reason behind it. My fav slow one i would have to

say is "Save Me" that song just brings alot out. My

fav one that just makes me wanna fukin blast my

stereo is "Muny" if you havent heard it reasoning

yuh have to get the deluxe edition off iTunes to get

the added song making it a 17 track album yuh

need to consider getting it. "Blow Ya Mind" being

another added song is real Fetch i love it. But

yuh know i gotta have my BADBiTCH fav right!

and that is "Did It On'Em"! thats my shit barbz

like just listenin to it makes me feel like a bad

bitch real kewt. All together i think this album

should be #1 sales on!!!! @NICKIMINAJ

girl you did it and i knew yuh would, im so proud

yuh accomplished this fist step in your life and

i truely cant wait to see what yuh have in store

for us.

@NICKIMINAJ from meh to yuh: "Alfred Bitchcok"!


*Blows Kisses*


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