Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 4:12 PM


kind of in that mood today where every little thing i do, i think about you
like how simple our relationship was, no stress, pure happiness.

one does not control your happiness, but they do hold a key.
and that key is one of the single most important things. the key is made out of love, trust, loyalty, everything happy.
and usually theres only one person you give that key to.

but theyre going to have that key for the rest of their life, even if you no longer want them to.
its a good thing though, because that means you trusted yourself enough to make that desicion. its hard, but im strong. i really am a strong person, and i can get through this but i miss my rock. im gonna keep it solid until i see you again, but i just wanted to say that its not fair for me. although everything happens for a reason im still trying to figure out this one.


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