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Smoking Can Cause Menstrual Disorders

Smoking is the harm to women is particularly large, it is best not to smoke. Clinical findings, girls smoking than women who do not smoke higher chance of uterine cancer by 50%, more than 20 years of smoking women with breast cancer hazard increased by 30%. Dutch government statistics agency survey indicated that women smokers are three times the average life shortened male smokers, women's average life shortened by more than 10 years.
Many women feel that smoking is an elegant performance. In fact, from a scientific point of view, smoking can not be able to enhance their own charm, but is has been for the appearance of self- destruction. Smoke particles are very influential on the thickness of subcutaneous fat layer of the women, so the majority of smokers do not plump female body, the skin is not moist, lack of nutrition, will speed up the appearance of skin wrinkles, and even premature aging. And nicotine stimulation will microvascular spasm, resulting in insufficient oxygen skin, lips, eyes will now appear premature wrinkles can appear even beards.
Especially women of childbearing age, and smoking can cause menstrual disorders, difficulty conceiving, ectopic pregnancy, estrogen is low, osteoporosis and premature menopause, early menopause. And compared with non-smoking women; chances of infertility up to 2.7 times greater risk of heart disease than those taking birth control pills concurrent. Daily smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day for pregnant women, which increased more than twice the normal risk of miscarriage in pregnant women, children and easy to preterm birth or debilitating baby. Therefore, we recommend the best women not to smoke.
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