Sat, May 11, 2013 at 3:38 AM

Life in Hollywood and Loving Yourself

By: zailey45

I believe people should accept how they look like, instead of what Hollywood expects of them. I think Barbie is a negative model of a doll for kids today in this geneartion.I am very happy that Niki Minaj achived great things but some of the conspiracys they make are lies and they want attention in the wrong way.
Niki Minaj you are beautiful in every way and God loves you, I wonder if half of these stars are thanking God for their success because without the Jesus nothing would be possible.
Success is when you have family, husband, kids and money.
I believe that paparazi should leave them alone because theynare humans, they make mistakes, we all make mistakes. Fame can drive a person crazy, to the point of blocking them from which is reality.
This world we live in only cares about earthly matters not humans, because we can't take everything with us when we die.
Love and Jesus is all we need, from the heart of a writer.

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