Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 5:22 PM


Verse 1:now i know i have done dirt in dha pass

haters can kiss my fuckin ass

nd this is gettin old niqqas actin brandnew

but imma stay true just so i can get thru

maybe everybody else would get a clue

dhtx im tired of hearin the bullshit

fuck dhtx hoe widd dha last name everett

clothes nd money was always my favorite

nd when i get that imma savor it

nobodies real enough we just qone facet

nd im on my paperchase

so i can embrase bein ina good place

nd i pray to god dhtx ill make it

even if i lose everyone they were all fake

im like a newborn baby my lifes at wake imma kill it so i can be that

nd so my real mom can finally conqrad

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