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Like A Sunset... Junior Year In Retrospect.

Living Like… a Sunset

The sun is always setting somewhere, and people always stop to watch. What is it about the sunset that continues to seize someone’s attention? Can I do that? Capture people, I mean. Am I capable of shattering a monotonous society with my array of unique colors-- changing my patterns each moment, stretching across the earth’s horizon? Can I be like a sunset… constantly balancing my inner and outer beauty? I desire to be able to reflect on this time in my life and see a time in which I was living in vulnerability, prestige, an upbeat outlook, and majesty.
I want to live like a sunset.

On Earth, we mere humans have only one sun. This is the brilliant, compelling star that manipulates our schedules and that we revolve around. Now, I am in no way implying that the world should revolve around me, but consider this: we only have one sun and it is specific to our planet. Wherever the sun is, the earth is at attention, ready to tilt toward the magnificent light. As I chase my dreams, there are people whom I admire, and whenever they demonstrate their confidence and self-assurance, I strive to do the same, myself. One day, a mass people will be drawn to me. Similar to the sun, there is only one Alexia Maree McGowan for this planet, and no other “star” can claim my identity. Yes, some days clouds cover the sun, but the light is always there, always prevalent; no one can shade the brilliance. Any who tries to block the sun ends up blinded, because the sun will faithfully continue its journey, inflexibly maintain its shine, and delicately fade into its next phase.
“Why the sunset?”
Does anyone realize that the majesty and prestige of the sunset is so simple, yet unexplained? Each day is a fresh start for the sun, and each day its light is just as strong as it was before. Actually-- it's stronger. From morning light that warms the dew, to crisp, flat line afternoons, to the spectrum of natural graffiti, and finally, to the conclusion of the day and transition into night, the path of the sun does not hesitate for anyone. Everyone has a chance to experiences its beauty. Everyone yearns for an opportunity to catch another glimpse tomorrow.
We have acknowledged the reality that our sun is unstoppable; it has a predetermined path. Where is it going? My perspective on this question is that the sun is always going further into the sky. The only way to go is up. For myself, I see absolutely no reason to limit my abilities; if I am capable of soaring higher into my aspirations, if there is no reason for me to limit myself and my blessings, then I refuse. I will succeed because in my heart, I know I have no control over what was ordained for me, but I can control how I handle each of life’s events-- enlightening, satisfying, or painful. I learn. Once I focus and persist further into my future, I am just as unstoppable, powerful, and captivating as the sun.
There is a cliché that simply states, “step by step, day by day”. Like a sunset, I am the day. I am the only person with control of my happiness and self-assurance. I am the only person who can be either fierce or humble enough to say, “Yes, I fell, but follow me. Let me be an example of how to succeed-- how to simply, keep moving.” Even at the end of each day, when I am tired and fading into the night, my departure will be the most graceful, motivating phase. At night, as I rest, I will still glow for the moon so that my light will keep focus up, toward the skies. I will fade into the mysterious glow that illuminates dreams. When I rise again, everyone will see that I never went away, I merely cleaned my slate, kept moving, and floated across the sky-- determined to live a life of undying esteem and unwavering hope; pursuing a life in which I am living like a sunset-- nature’s miracle.


  1. Alexia_Maree avatar

    On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 11:33 AM, Alexia_Maree said:

    Awww... I Just Saw Your Comment!
    Thank You! I Actually Wrote This Over A Year Ago, Thinking About What I Was Going Through At Home. I Posted It Because It Reminded Me Of Nicki && Her Message :)
    Tell Your Intelligent Daughter To Keep That In Her Mind && Heart-- It Will Take Her Far.

  2. Merciful God Save Nicki I Pray To Thee! avatar

    On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 2:19 PM, Merciful God Save Nicki I Pray To Thee! said:

    thanks your writing is beautiful and never give up ..we have to inspire eachother , even a person who wakes up each morning to cleans another persons home inspires that person to wake up to pay the person who cleans the home, why appreciation we don't know why but nomatter what we honestly appreciate one another we dont always agree but for a moment in time we all all searching for the same love,respect,to accomplish a desire and fullfil our wildest dreams. I had my duaghter read this yesterday and to confirm what she thought you were saying being only 12 yrs old she states Ma, she is talking about Nicki and how she saids her in the sun and the stars and her moon is in Roman something about Popping way or ville you ladies are a great inspiration to bring all ppl together ok im done.

    Mauja Limaj

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