Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 6:52 AM


By: ley

Hey there

i am sitting in the train to my best friends holiday house. I am verry exited. I allready had my breakfast @home so i am just sitting hear listenning to radio and writing. I arrive @12:06 in 1 houre and half

So I am listening to the song perfect world an i wear a verry blue skinny jeans a dark blue shirt and a pink jacket. On if it will be cold i wear my leather jecket. It is a quarter to 11 ... .

Here I am again... its 11:09 and i am really bored... Right know I'm listening to a biographie and looking out of the window. In front of me is sitting a young british man who reads a book, and before he has talked on his phone about nicki minaj! beside him is sitting a unfriendly girl. She looks at me all the time with this bad eyes. She has nike shoes a mac book and a luis vitton with her...

Finally it's 11:30 and I have something about an houre to go :)

i read the lying game which is a verry good book :)

So I decidet to write which closes I have packet:

One more pair of jeans (becouse I am wearing one right mow)and a black shirt and my pyjama and a pink and white shirt from hollister.

For make-up and cosmetics I have a deo, a covermoist-riser, a eyeliner, two lippensels kiko 11 and p242 copa cabana, a toothbrush, bodylotion, purr by katy perry parfume, my tangle teezer, lush soap sweetie pie, wash gel, a towel, primer, camouflage, opi GOT THE BLUES FOR RED, and my beauty blender :)

Hey! just 15 minutes and i'll be there!

listening to the biographie again, and I thing in 3stops I arrive!

Here i am now wathing a cheerleader movie with bff :) the movie is okay but not very good...

You know what? Its 4:30 and 10 minutes ago a car chrashed me! Really! I don't know how it go on

I feel much better it's 10:4 pm good night

Hey hey heey and good morning! it's 8:21 and I talk with my bff about boyyz!!!*-*

So soon we have our lunch and i got ready verry chilly, becouse I can't wear jeans becouse it's hurting :( i hope that i'll be better 2morrow beacouse then I have to get up @6 o clock to get to the make-up coaching :)

So thx 4 reading *-* 2morrow i'll be right bag

Xox lav ya! *_+

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