Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 12:11 PM

Poem inspired on Nicki Minaj

By: LilStar

I’m the Queen

She's a bitch, I'm a Queen... Yes!!

She doesn't deserve you; I can be your sweet or wet dream... Let's go, come & fuck with me
I can make you have exciting a lot!
She only wants your money, and I want to have your heart
you have to know I'm the best here!
She wants to look like me, and she can't reach out to be like me!

I never lie, I'm honest and I'm telling you that I need you in my fucking life
Shut up! This is my moment; I'm smoking my last cigarrette and dreaming of you again.
You are my King and I'm your baby Queen.

You can call me bitch or you can call me Queen, but I'm always the best!
I'm so proud of myself for the first time in my life
I know you love & hate me at the same time

You want a piece of me? Fuck you! I’ll never give you anything from me!
I Trust in myself and fight for my dreams
sometimes my mind goes crazy when I think of you

I'm a white girl with a black soul
music sometimes saves me from my nightmares
you can never beat me
Think of this!

You think you are a diva, but you only are a bitch
Thanks for trying to beat me
it has helped me realize that I'm unique!
Stop trying to make me cry
I'm the best and you know it


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