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Nicki minaj bulling help

OMG! NICKI MINAJ! I absolutely Love you you are my idol! And hey to all the other BARBZ Out there!(: I would probably have a heartache if you talked to me I would be so exited and happy! But I hope not cause then I woulsnt get to see you!! And that would be terrible! Okay so I am glnna get to my point now I need your help so people at my school are gettin bullied and me and my friend kaila are kinda popular and we tried to tell people to stop and some listened but if youu came to my school or called me and I told you the whole story you would want to help I'm just tired of people getting bullied but because they aren't popular or they are not pretty or they have ugly clothes or something jut please help me out here if you could reply back or call text or email me here is my email [email protected] thanks do much for reading this.

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    On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 8:36 PM, DevonBoy said:

    This Is A Hard Situation To Explain, But For Bullies Theres Nothing Better For Them To Do.
    And What They Pick On These Other Kids For Are There Own Insecurities. Iwas Bullied From 4rth Grade Til About 8th Grade Til Ifinally Stood Up And Defended Myself. Fag, Loser, Nigg*r, Homo, Weak. Imean Really Bad Things, My Bestfriend Other Half Wanted To Commit Suicide Just From All The Stress It Gave. If God Took Him He Would Of Took Two. But The Point Is Ihad To Stand Up For Myself And Today Im 10x Stronger As A Person Now. Those People Being Bullied Maybe Weaker, But Go Over There Tell The Bully To Shut Up And Tell The Person IN Front Of The Bully Your Better Than Anything This Person Says, He/She Envys . Do You The Best You Can. Your Life Is Yours So Make It Great By Yourself, Doing What You Love. And Ihope Thatl Get That Bully To Go Away. Sometimes What Im Trying To Say Its Hard To Help Someone If They Cant Meet You Half Way To, Get Them To Stand Up For Themselves. "IDont Care These Are The Shoes Ican Afford, My Family Makes Enough Just For Dinner On The Table So Get Back To Class Get Your Education And Leave Me Alone So Ican Continue Getting Mine And Be Big In Life Wearing Well Fine And Dine Shoes;) Best Advice Ican Give Barb, You Can Do Something About It.. But Theres Only So Much You Can Do.

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