Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 11:57 PM

Boys, boys, boys!!

By: Lou Barbz

There comes a moment where I always feel so lonely and needy of a man... buuuut then I remember what Nicki and Gaga has said to me "Focus in school and don't be chasin' boys!!" And so I do... but it'd be nice to have a nice boy to tell him how my day was and to feel loved and that noone can really do me any harm, but they are right, boys are a big distraction, speacially for me! Last time I dated a dumb-ass! And because of the guy I failed like 3 subjects! I suck at math and he convinced me not to go to the after school math classes so I could spend more time with him, even though he was a real jerk!... Anyways, may be he was a jerk, but I was blind dumb... Now I just gotta take care of my studies, my homework and make my parents feel proud, I don't smoke or drink till I drop, I don't date thousands of boys, I respect myself, and I dn't judge, and I am good to others..... I really think Nicki would be proud of me, cause every time I do this things I think of her, of Gaga, about makin' 'em proud, and giving the monsters and the barbies a good image! ;) Nicki, are you proud of me??

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