Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 2:11 AM


By: Lou Barbz

So I missed school today cause I was going to take my ID, which wasn't possible, so I went with my mom to the mall and I asked her if I could go to the music store and so we did. "Excuse me do you have Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday?" "Nicki Minaj??... Mhhh, let me see.." ARE YOU KIDDING!! The guy pronounced her name good and he thought he might had the CD, I've been looking at every possible music store in Mexico and I finally found a store where they didn't just have the CD, but they knew Nicki and knew how to pronounce her name! So the guy said they did have it and gave it to me!! It was there in my hands! I couldn't believe it! Was I dreaming?? NO! I wasn't, so I got home and heard it super loud!! :) I am happy, then when we went to pick my brother up from school my mom and I heard it in the car, she was dancing, she looked so cute! I love my momma!! And I am so glad I finally got PINK FRIDAY!!! :D

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