Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 11:55 AM

all nicki minaj songs

i'm trying to think of all nicki songs
1super bass 14blazin 27question box
2moments 4 life 15here i am 28queen
3va va voom 16dear old nicki 29cucci shop
4stupid hoe 17your love 30 do it big
5 roman in moscow 18last chance 31once you go black
6roman holiday 19star ship 32 once upon a time
7i'm the best 20massive attack 33once in a man
8roman revenge 21 girls fall like dominoes 34quotes
9did it to 'em 22queen of the castle 35warning
10 right thru me 23catch me 36why you mad
11 fly 24la la la means i love you 37wobble
12 save 25 want you to love me 38y u mad
13check it out 26here and there 39you the boss
40young forever can u think of more. ,

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