Sun, Feb 5, 2012 at 6:39 AM


I no it been awhile since I been up here but I been very busy I'm still in da process of movin and boy iz dat stressfull and tryin to keeep up wit everything my wife nicki minaj iz doin but I'm takin it day by day I can't wait for da album to cum out I'm so excited 4.3.12 iz gona be so epic Barbz and Kenz and don't worry a new wallpaper iz comin soon once I'm done movini start doin them again cuz I just love doin them I have nicki almost everywhere my cellphone screen wallpaper my bbm icon my fb profile pic my twitter avi pic my laptop theme on mozolla firefox and my deskto wallpaper I'm nicki minaj crazy I just love her and everything she stand for cuz I try my damn hardest to be in the loop about everythin she does and do I'm tryin to get to dat status like sum ppl are find out information before she do and tell her so she can be shock and be like barb thank for tellin me or sumthing but if u wana talk or wateva u can follow me on twitter @toflashy4u :) Muah Pink Friday Roman Reloaded 4.3.12 ya dig

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