Tue, May 8, 2012 at 5:29 AM

The last time I was here

The last time I was here i was so excited to tel everyone that Nicki was followin me well i have sum bad news the beginning of march I upgraded my ubersoical and when I did that it took my follow away so i been trying my hardest to get it bak and it hasnt happen yet so if u are reading my blog rite now can u plz tell Nicki to refollow me @Toflashy4u i be ever so greatful

Also Pink Friday Roman Reloaded is awesome I been on repeat non stop and I'm loving it so much and her pepsi commercial is so cute to like im so happy for my fave who winning and nothingbut great things are comin her way MUAH!!!!!!!!

I have 2 new Nicki Minaj wallpaper im puttin up as we speak so i hope yall like em

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