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well hello there barbz and ken barbz I know its been a while since i last blogged but this one is called for! :D
Lets see where to even begin... so I went to see HB for the first time on the 'I am still music tour' on wed {april 6th} no i do not mean VIP I wasnt able to get it. However when wayne left that stage and I saw SB come out in that robe I freaked out! I mean I went with my friends who are CF's but know of nicki bcuz of me i started jumping up and down and before i knew it, tears started coming down my face cuz i couldnt believe SB was in front of me and I knew HB was coming. I was shaking so bad it was ridiculous! and I was going so hard I hit a guy in front of me in the head, YES!! and my friend caught it all on tape that vid will be coming soon lmao!. That was the best day of my life yet! I will never forget it. Anywho thats not the main point of this story as u all know Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears are doing a tour together who da fck saw that one coming?! *looks around* I sure didnt. It has been confirmed that there's gonna be VIP MARK MY WORDS I Lyanne Marie WILL get VIP this time and I will get to HB's arms that woman means a lot to me like I always say she's not just my fav rapper but she's a blessing from God in my life. LITERALLY. But thats another story. Anyways I cant believe how far nicki has come everytime I listen to her mixtape songs when she says that she's gonna make it i get chills bcuz look at her today, she has done nothing but WIN. Like she's not built off of bullshit when she says she's gonna do something she does it and not only that, but before she makes a move she thinks about it, takes her time, and then does it. Thats a very big lesson I learned from her. Dont rush into things u gotta wait when the time is right and it'll all come together. *sigh* I have so much to say. Basically Im so proud of my QUEEN/KING and I wouldnt trade her for any other music artist or person out there. I always pray for God to give her strength, keep her healthy, and give her even more success. This whole tour with Britney is gonna be freaking EPIC I know some of ya'll r asking yourselves "but nicki cant do her own tour already?" but i trust that nicki is making a very smart move u guys! dont worry, that tour of hers will come before we know it after all she is writing for her second album already. *gets weak at the thought* I cannot tell u how many times i get into arguments and debates bcuz I go so hard for nicki but i dont give 3 flying fcks I stan for her for so many reasons. To me no1 can compare to nicki and i mean NO ONE! Who takes the time out to write to her fans? or recently do a rmx for #TeamMinaj!!! {if u dont know what im tlkn about then figure it out} lol I feel very close to her I know she's watching *side eye* I can't wait for this tour and I cant wait for whats to come ya'll know how slick nick always got some tricks up her sleeve. I never once doubt her. Oh and word is krim fans r lurking around this website so if ya'll read this plant these fckn words into ur miserable little brains GET READY TO SEE MY KING PROSPER! hatin ass bitches! anyways i've meet lots of beautiful ppl on TM. Never did I think I would become part of something like this. I love u guys to death and I hope that I can become more acquainted with u guys. ONIKA TANYA MARAJ why i grind like i do. ♥
SN: srry for the long ass blog but I had lots to say and I have more but imma save it for later. lol thnx for reading! (;
OH! and this blog goes with the song "these words"-Natasha Bedingfield its one of nick's most fav songs she use to listen to all the time and its one of mines too. I was playing it while writing this blog. ok im DONE lol
-Lyanne aka @NickiIs_King

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