Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 5:10 AM

My Dearest Onika

U may never see this but idc I just want to write this to you.
I wish that i could go to where ever u are and just hug u and hold u! i wish that if u ever needed a shoulder to cry on i can be that shoulder. Because when i was going thru my toughest times u and God where the only ones who held me up. when i felt so alone i just turned to u and ur interviews and music! just seeing u laugh brightens up my day. I never pictured myself being like this ever. But there is so many things about u that makes me love u and stick around and it frustrates me that i cant get to to u and say this to you looking into ur eyes. Im so sorry about ur cousin i honestly do always keep u in my prayers and ask God to give u strength peace success and health bcuz none of us know how it feels like to be u and have so much weight on ur shoulders. With u having so many ppl waiting to see u fail. But I believe in God and I believe that he's gonna be with u all the way until u accomplish what u came to do. I thank u so so so much for all the attention u give TM for all the genuine love u show us. For the small little details that u do. For always giving us something so perfect. Ur still that strong woman that taught me so many things. Even tho u were never physically here, I feel so much closer to u then the ppl i see everyday. I truly thank God for u. I know everything is gonna be ok i know ur gonna get right back up and keep on going because ur Onika Tanya Maraj and ur mission was never to quit or to fail. Dear Old Nicki Dear New Nicki My dearest Onika...I LOVE YOU! Thank you. U are my REASON.


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