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hey lovelys,
This blog is about what i sometimes feel about nicki. Sometimes I feel like I want to save her. This world is so cruel, ppl always judging you and calling u fake, and when u prosper in something people always wanna come up with a bad reason why. I seen ppl say that nicki is only where shes at because she has slept with wayne or the young money crew,because of her ass, or even ignorant ass ppl saying that shes involved in some shit called the illuminatti. Its ridiculous how a lot of ppl cant accept that nicki is so talented and that she does write her own lyrics. It pisses me off so much! that lil kim is after nicki the way she is. That is pure jealousy, and jealousy my friends is an UGLY trade. When u have success ppl always wanna bash you. Sometimes I see nicki's face in an interview or in her documentary "my time now" and I can see that shes so tired. The way she says things sometimes like in "dear old nicki" in "save me" or even in "here i am". I know damn well that she chose this and that she wants it but sometimes i feel like she's ready to give up, that she wants to be ALONE. Instead of people seeing the best in her they always wanna pick out the worst. I pray for her everyday. But besides all of this i know she's strong and shes gonna make it to the top and stay there. This is just a thought of mine that is always in the back of my mind, just wanted to write about it. Thank you for reading guys. Feel free to cmnt and let me know if u guys have thought the same way or think im just worrying too much, cuz i tend to do that. LOL

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