Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 9:06 PM


ok barbs,ken-barbs,& stud muffins,

I OFFICIALLY DONT LIKE NICKI AND SB IN LONDON. They already just got kicked out of the hotel today and the security of the hotel was being mad rude to SB. LONDON barbs I understand u guys are excited and u waited a long time for nicki but u guys have got to CALM DOWN! SB & nicki have been writing on twitter how much u guys are going crazy. They already got kicked out of their hotel. smh nothing against london barbs bcuz i love u guys but damn, *take a deep breath* and chiiiilll. SB VIA TWITTER:"It gets crazier n crazier....nicki is small..y would a batch of thousands of ppl rush like she can stop and talk normaly? London ZOO!! ..." "The security told me I had 5mins to leave.I said"You got 5mins to get on ya knees and su** my *** now get out my face while I pack my shit!"

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