Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 12:23 AM


my lovelys,
Have you guys ever noticed how when nicki doesnt tweet at all or is tweeting here and there she's up to something?! I really think nicki is gonna come out with some sort of a surprise and i cant wait for it! i love it when she tries to keep something a secret and when she goes on an interview shes asked about it and she's like "no i dont think so" like the SNL interview she did. They kept on asking her if she was gonna do a skit and she did TWO! after denying that she was lol. Anyways point is, she's on to something and I cant wait! which btw...WHERE THE FLY VIDEO AT?! lol IM IN LOVE ♥ :D
-LYANNE ZOLANSKI *follow : @lillyzolanski

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