Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 6:39 PM

I cried Christmas Night!!

I dont know why i cried mayb because i was so overwhelmed with everything, my dad, things my moms doin, friends. It was weird cuz i was listen to music and i just started crying and crying, thinkin about everything and that during the summer i dont wanna b here that i wanna go to new jersey to stay wit my cousin for a while just to get away. i was listen to Save me by nicki n all i wa thinkin about was god why cant u just save me from my life and that y did u put me in this family y god y god, but i kno i was put in this family for a reason. I was saying god i feel like givin up, y cant i just give up. Then after a while i went to my moms room n she asked wut was wrong n i just said i was overwhelmed, she said its also probably from all the anger i have in me from my dad. I cant get mad and blow up really quick but i have been workin on that. Christmas was good though after i woke up. And sunday was good too because i went to the mall wit my friends and i got my nicki minaj shirt at hot topics XD cant wait to wear it at skool. i was happy to get out the house and do somethin. Todays my moms birthday so i hope everythin gos well. Shes 50(OLD) but she looks like shes in her 30s lol. I kno today will b good gonna go to my cousins house to sleep over and celebrate moms bday! Sometimes i like my life and sometimes i really really hate it. People think i have a good life because i life in a big house have flat screens and a big yard, they think i have a perfect family but yah right to me i dont have a gud life, well its ok but not the way i would want it to b, but it will b one day!!


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