Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 3:45 PM


Hi umm.. well I'm Taylor and I'm really happy to be there, First off i wanna say happy birthday to Rocsi Diaz. I miss her and Terrence so much. 106 and Park hasn't been the same since they left. These new people need to give it up because they stink. Let me know when Terrence and Rocsi come back then i'll start watching the show again. Bow wow need to quit fronting. The only reason hes on 106 and park now is because he broke. So he need to hush all that up and go on somewhere. The show has four hosts now. Really? the show has gotten that bad? The job is big enough for both two people not four.

Anyway My mom was being a fucking bitch last night. I didn't do nothing to her ass. I come home from the beauty shop and she wanna bug on me. Its like look bitch it ani't my fault that your feel are swollen. Maybe if you listened to my grandma and stayed away from that damn salt they wouldn't be like that. She get on my damn nerves. Luckily i'll be 18 next year so i can do whatever the hell i want.

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