Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 8:12 PM

Dear Nicki,

I heard your concert in BC was great! I regret to inform you that after wining tickets on the radio and all I was unable to attend. I’m a little disappointed because a) I would have loved to see you live in concert and b) everyone was rooting for and supporting me in my effort because they know how much I appreciate your artistry (huge fan)!

Just so you know Mr. Baby and I had every intention to go. We hit the road and made the 2.5 drive to the US Canadian border like it was nothing (I went to school close to the border so we are used to the commute). This would also be our third time visiting either Vancouver or Victoria together. We went first back in my college days to party, again to Vancouver and Whistler for a week to zipline, bungee (see video here), etc, and just last January to Victoria for a relaxing overnight (My Overnight in Beautiful British Columbia).

So, we were really surprised when we were flagged and informed we were not allowed to enter Canadian territory.

Funny because, all this time, I was worried Weezy would be the issue (getting across the border lol) and here it was - us. Treated like criminals.

Mr. Baby was sanctioned back in ‘03 for something that is long off his record. I understand it is their rules, laws, and policy to do what they do but what I do not dig, is why this time, this fourth time - when they could have beefed all other times - border patrol was not having it and chose to deny us access? Why when it was time to see you? (We weren't the only fans that got questioned and turned around either. Mr. Baby and I made a few friends in customs lol). 

After what felt like forever of their questions and deliberation there it was - we would not get to see you, Nicki Minaj. ...I guess I'll have to wait till later to recite I'm the Best (verse II is my favorite verse off the whole album) with you.

Ain’t that about a -

Because I am in the process of training myself not to stress and dwell on things out of my control, I have chosen not to be upset or sad about this. Perhaps, it just was not meant to be this time. I accept what it is and what it was. My man, whom I love, admire, and adore made a mistake in his past that came back to bite us in the bum bum. Lesson learned, and a good story for the books and our [future] children.

Maybe I will have to catch you this June with Britney…

And next time!

Mahogany Cherrelle

PS. Shout out to KUBE for the tickets and the pre-paid VISA! They were definitely nose-bleed but that’s better than no bleed (which is what happened anyway).

Tickets from KUBE

Victoria Overnight, Jan 2011

Vancouver/ Whistler, May 2010

...I guess it's time to head south of the border!?

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