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Before the Ball Drops (2011 Recap)

Life with Superman
My friends are tired of me saying, “If we get married…If we work out, etc.” And honestly, I want Mr. Baby to propose in the next year and a half if we continue on this upward, beautiful journey! I absolutely love him. He is a knucklehead but he is my knucklehead. Additionally, I love his family and my family loves him. It is awesome. When my mom referred to me as his wife at our Christmas celebration, my heart smiled. When we attend church now every Sunday my heart dances. When I wake up next to his sleepy self and climb out of bed to blog and sneak back in before he wakes, my heart laughs. We work beautifully. If it is right God, let this partnership be! (And I already told him what I want this ring to feel like… It must have meaning, it must be sentimental, and it must represent us and our stories. Good luck babe).

Graduate Studies
Remember how afraid I was of applying to grad school? Thank God for great people. Every step of the way there has been great people showing mad love and support. I cannot even find the words to explain those who have fueled me and made this here graduate student successful!

I completed my first quarter of graduate school with a 3.8. I am proud.  And so grateful because I could not have done that and been doing this without the love, help, and support of many folks (Ubuntu) - some who might be reading this.

Thank you Jesus! I am happy in my employment! If you followed my writing last year you may know that I had reached an all-time work-life low! It was not until a few weeks ago that I actually patted myself on the back for my contribution to that program and organization. I came in and did the damn thing. And then, I handed it over in much better shape and condition. Period. And my hard work is paying off because that program is positively impacting lives and hopefully will continue to for a very long time. No hard feelings.

But let’s talk about how awesome my new job is – how great some of my co-workers are and how awesome my leadership is! I am growing each day and I believe I am positively impacting lives and empowering people each day as well. And it feels so damn good!

I love my family. I must explain to you that when I say ‘family’ my vision is narrow. If that makes sense to you, then you may understand what I mean when I say that I hardly know much of my family. I want to know them. I will be a better family member in 2012. As painful as that swim forward and backward may be – may it be!

I know who my friends are. I know who my acquaintances are. And I am comfortable knowing this. Additionally, because I am a social person, I desire to meet new people this coming year as well as build upon a few new relationships that have been fostered. There are few things I love more than a good conversation so I want to go into this year with an open mind and heart and inviting spirit. People are who I get a lot of my fuel from, I need that!

Growing Relationship with my Father in Heaven
Yess! I feel okay (just okay is not where I want to be fyi) with where I am at spiritually. I have got a lot of room to grow and this is only the beginning.

Wanna know some truth though, I just have to walk up to that alter again and I am afraid. I have not done it since August 2006 and I know I must… There has been a lot of time since then and I have anxiety about the physical action as well as the commitment... I know my life will change. I know that my sense of what is right and what is not right will grow keener, and I know that I will struggle to submit. I am afraid.

Other Stuff
I want to volunteer somewhere @least once a month but preferably more frequently. There are two places or types of places I am considering. Because I now work this the adult population (18-60s versus 18-24) I want to still be involved with the youth somehow. Secondly, I desire to volunteer time toward something political or grassroots. It would be nice to put a foot into those platforms ...You never know!

How was your 2011? What do you have to profess for 2010? 
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