Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 4:28 PM

I'm still in shock.

Wow, so just 4 days i met my idol. Nicki Minaj. i was standing in front of her, i walked around the curtains and i looked up at her face, and she staring smiling at me, i smile back and thinking to myeself " shit, this is really happening " . smh. and u know how some people will meet their idol's or just somebody they wanna meeet really really bad. and they're mean or nothing u expected them to be. Nicki was EVERYTHING i expected her to be, she was nice, funny and just a down to earth person, and not to mention she is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL in person. i was in a complete daze. lol and all i could get out was, Nicki, u dont know how much this means to me. she replied.. yes i do :) and hugged me once before the picture and once after the picture and told me she loved me :D that night COMPLETED my life. I will ALWAYS love Nicki Minaj. and i also dont care if ppl dont like her music and what not they just need to do their research and look at what kinda person she is, cuz i bet the people they like as much as i like nicki isnt doing what she is. doing free concerts, sending 100% of her profits for viva glam to people dealing with HIV/AIDS. being dedicated to her fans the way she is, caring about them being in school. she's big on that. she always tell us to stay in school. :D she could be a good role model for anybody male or female. she's my idol, inspiration, and role model. but anyways lol yea 4 days later and im still very very shocked that i met her, i look at my picture and almost wanna cry cuz it amazes me that much.

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