Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 4:58 PM

Hey Barbzz

Not written a blog in a while so thought i may aswell, hope everyone is voting for Nic in the MTVHottest Award and Teen Choice awards, she needs to win!!!! Been wondering recently aswell about how many verses Nickis been doing recently and although ive been loving them i hope they arent delaying her 3rd album, i know shes said shes writing it but i know we want it like NOW haha, but shes just so busy atm, with Myx, Minajesty and the clothing line and i just love how shes working so hard atm but im dying to hear some new Nicki only songs, i am going to spazz when i hear the new album, i just know it will be the best one yet, i have a feeling its going to be dope! Im currently obsessed with Nickis verse in Livin it up, soooo good!

Anyway hope you are all enjoying your summer!

mwah xo

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