Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 1:48 PM

UK Barbz

okay imma have a little rant about how crap it is to a barb in the UK,

1. We have to wait so long for the perfumes -.- although i know its worse in other countries last year America got 'Pink Friday' in the september and the UK got it in March the next year -.- and this time with 'Minajesty' we have to wait till the next year and not even sure when exactly :( i just want to smell it atleast :(

2. She always does big events like the Myx parties and anyone can go but they are never here so we have no chance unless we fly over or some shit haha

3. we need to pay for loads of shipping to get her clothing line :(

4.we only get to see her live if she does an event (which is rare) or a tour which is even rarer :'(((

I am in no way hatin on Nicki when im complaining because i know shes only one woman and cant please everybody and be in two places at once, i am merely having a winge cos thats what us Brits do LMAO.

I just wish we could be more involved and feel less left out, we love you Nic just as much as everyother barb around the world, please come to the uk soon tho! and i can't wait for the 3rd album!!! :D i even had a dream the other day i got the minajesty perfume and the pink beats, ohh i wishh, hopefully minajesty with be out just in time for my birthday in april and im gonna beg for the pink beats and some clothes from the collection for christmas tho ahah, fingers crossed!! mwahh xo

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