Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 2:31 PM


Name : Mary

Why do U Like Nicki ?
>>>>> She is like a very strong pillar who is standing in front of me every time when I am hopeless , upset . She singing the things that I feel inside of my heart and i think every girls felt the same ,too ......... ain't u ?

Do U care about her look ?
>>>> Of course !! She is beautiful in just the way her !!!

What do U like that most about her ; fashion or song ?
>>>>> Her songs .......... lyrics are so inspired me !

What is your favorite song from her songs ?
>>>> I have different kinds of favorite song from her songs but the very first one that I knew her is ; ''''''''''''' SUPER BASS '''''''''''''''''''' then I love '''''''''' fly ''''''''''''' and right now I am felling in love with the song call '''''''''''''' FREEDOM ''''''''''''''''' !

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