Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 7:24 PM


Most of you won't read or even see this. FUCK most of you don't care i mean. . lol.

I just need to write this blog to let go of all my thoughts and leave them here, that way it wont make me sadder...

I know that i will always, not matter WHAT, LOVE Onika Tanya Maraj, she is the reason why I have succeeded in life so far. Most people think im a little obsessed. SOme pple are all like oh you are CRAZY wtf wtf. but FUCK THEM. like.. I DONT GIVE A FUCK ANYMORE I REALLY DON'T OK!!!

"I'll never please everyone. I've come to terms with that. That in itself has been my most valuable lesson to date" - NICKI MINAJ

I know sometimes people on twitter assume or hate on me because i dont tweet that much.

I don't tweet that much, because UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE, I don't have that good of access to the internet.

*sigh* thanks to all of the teamminaj who have been so nice to me. it does not go unappreciated. thank you guys because i feel that we as individuals in teamminaj could have the potential to get along with EACH and everyone in teamminaj. but then again, i understand there are differences, so again whatever *shrug*

i love teamminaj. but most importantly.


It brought me to tears to see how beautiful she looks throughout the years. She has done things some artists DREAM of. She has FUN with it, she expresses her emotions, she inspires generations, she is a unique soul.

Souls like that don't come to us everyday. WE DAMN LUCKY. like i've never seen such an inspired and on her grind artist. she is CONSTANTLY stepping it up. That's a major lesson she leaves for teamminaj and the world.

Well. There's my rant.


You mean the world and so much more to me. I hope I get to meet you and talk to you someday. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.


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