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Hey, there Pink Friday: RELOADED Tour!

By: MatOTM

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEARS Barbz, it is officially thirteen days into 2013 and I hope this new annual period of time leaves you w/ stronger and cleansed minds and bodies [naughty Barbz].

Now that it has been addressed, my last blog post on here was about my tickets being dispatched and what not -

To now, months after my SECOND Nicki tour experience.
It was monumental THROUGHOUT.
I mean, from waking up at nocturnal hours of 2-3am, to being wary of strangers past midnight on the streets, to arriving w/ snug-worthy material to the arena, to being numbered for order of entrance [f-ckery, absolute f-ckery, I'm sorry but TEAM Minaj deserve better than a venue's silly order of conduction] however then again I can't complain, I was like number twenty-six so it wasn't a crisis.
After dallying in the coldness of outside's frigid harshness, we all huddled towards the entrance of the venue, which was about to be opened...

Doors stretched out, in the dawning morning and gurl, I wasn't running but I was CUTTING, CRUSHING, DUCKIN', PLUNGING - nah, not that serious HA-HA-HA.
But I DID come third in line purely from running, then drama found it's own way and people that had ordered tick's demanded for a rearrangement, I was pissed because tbh I was relatively close, like DRINK TOXIC trick, I FLEW for this view. "naomi strut".
But as the brainy humans we are, we followed instructions and basically I remained relatively nearby to the beginning of the line, I spotted couple Barbz, a few of which I knew and I was shy or hungry as a motherf-cker at the time 'cause I was deadpenus quiet, so I regret that.

I got the opportunity to go home with my place reserved in line [ugh, if I knew, I would have come earlier] but nevertheless I ate properly which I am still grateful for at home, I slumbered for energy for a good half an hour, then I prepped myself again and head out before any inconveniences took place during my absence. CH-

I arrived and my position was fine but everyone appeared more alive and fresh now, nearing to the concert's time in about two hours. I got to talk to a few Barbz of which I will keep close to my heart because this fanbase is v. vital to me, TMUK were the nicest ever whilst we were in discussion during being in rows, walking to the standing space.
They couldn't believe I was older than I looked, I look like around twelve or thirteen

Long concert story short:
Front row, blessed, laughter, jokes, excitement, thirstyness, ratchet behaviour, grinding, winin', dinin-WAIT. I'm just playin lol. And most of all LOVE. Real love y'all.

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