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so ever since 07' when nicki minaj released 'playtime is over', I've been a huge fan of nice nipples nick! I have her mixtapes, and I would buy almost everything that has nicki featured. i have everything from the VVS tees, to the hot topic tees, etc. I bought Pink Friday more than once because that's how much I love Nicki! I could go on all day about how much I love Nicki but I wanna stay on topic..

*UPDATED MARCH 9TH, 2011* i hope you see this, cause i love you so frickin much! @PinkleJuice


believe it or not, I was only like 12 when I first started loving nicki, ahaha. that means I couldn't get into clubs that she was performing at, etc. and yeaaa i didn't want my parents bringing me anywhere since it'd be kindaa sorta awkward with them. so my friends knew I was pretty much obsessed with nicki, and now i grew them into loving her. i tell them that they should make a twitter and everything to feel more apart of #teamminaj, but idk. not working ahaha.

anywho (martha voice),

i'm from connecticut and I remember nicki saying that it's one of her favorite places to perform! I think she was in bridgeport and she was saying how everyone knew playtime is over. while everyone is meeting nicki (congrats to them), i'm home living a typical day, still waiting for my day to meet nicki. it's been years that I've been waiting for this day.. meanwhile, ppl in school (commoners), are seeing nicki in concert. and what do you know, i see some person on facebook with their VIP pics with nicki! when I saw all of this, and ppl talking about how much fun they had.. I really just wanted to cry to be honest. i was sooo upset the first day of the tour. i was watching it on ustream, and i just wished i was there. but as long as nicki was having fun, and #teamminaj was having fun! NICKI, PLEASE COME TO CONNECTICUT AND/OR NEW YORK AFTER THE TOUR. I rlly wanted tickets for the tour :( .. then again, the vip tickets were expensive and my family didn't want to pay for other tickets (brother, dad, sis, and then my friends would probably come)... then came the day, WHERE MY CLOSEST FRIEND WAS GOING TO THE CONCERT...

-- so it was about a month ago and my brother came into my room and said, guess what? of course i said what, and he said that our bestfriends, friend got vip tickets for nicki. our friend who just became friends with this girl 'dioralys' again, wasn't even a big fan of nicki. ok sure she liked her, but my bestfriend and brother couldn't even compare to how much i loved nicki! AT THIS POINT, i didnt know what to think. i was so sad and mad. and what made me even more depressed was when, my brother said that dioralys invited him as well as my friend. that means the three of them and dioralys's mom and sis were going. BUT THE TRUE NICKI FAN STAYS HOME AND SOBS....

me and my other friend who seem to love nicki the most, were mad about this. we wanted to do whatever it took to meet nicki! so i got a phone call the next day from my friend who was supposed to go to the nicki concert with dioralys. she says "hey matt, dioralys feels bad about you not going, so she sold the tickets and is going to buy new tickets to see nicki in may." I was pretty happy and then i became friends with dioralys again. but hold up, I DON'T SEE NICKI PLAYING ANYWHERE IN MAY. so i still don't feel like i'll have my moment 4 life yet.

... i'm writing this lengthy blog to get my feelings out. it just makes me sad knowing that nicki doesn't know i am :(

i really need to meet nicki, she's my EVERYTHING. she's who i pretty much live for.

ONIKA TANYA MARAJ, I REALLY HOPE YOU READ, (AT LEAST SOME OF THIS BLOG). haha, first time writing a blog like this. stayed home from school and had to get my feelings out.


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    On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 1:58 AM, NUMBA1BARB said:

    I LOVE THIS! you makee me wanna cryy. Good job Matt :)

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