Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 2:19 PM


?öü know that feeling u get sometimes,oh! Sorry ? just remembered we don't have T??? same problems....

? ? life,?t is S???????????? G??????d to be alive A?? make new friends,? started 2011 without any resolutions,plans or thoughts.? just wanted to leave life T??? way ?t came.

? found out,u can't possibly start a year like that,? lived a very miserable life,? would just say its T??? grace of God A?? G??????d friends that made living possible..

There this song ? would always relate to in years to come (W.O.F -Boundless ?) whenever my life seems like ?t has finally caved in,? just put on T??? track A?? like that ?t just happens...

? also believe in ? A?? God,cos we all know they say "God is ?"..?t feels G??????d to know someone cares about ?öü & vice-versa. ? made a lot of G??????d friends in T??? previous year who really made my life worthwhile,there's one ? would never forget...#uknowurself Lool

? am trying to see ??? 2012 goes,?'ve made very New remarkable friends one of which is #Sarah,she's one of T??? best people ?'ve ever known,she really knows ??? to keep ?t cool,? really never knew there could ever be a polite & reserved white girl...she's just T??? best A?? ? ? her S???????????? much!

? also have made aah couple of New friends this 2012,they all seem to be cool,God knows ??? ?? does things,? really don't beleive in making friends cos ? can't keep them,? know myself,but also ?t seems very cool having friends A?? T??? ones who care for that matter...

There's a friend of mine who ? would say has been very Helpful in all T??? crazy metamorphosis ? went through last year,#uknowurself..its G??????d knowing ? had u around #Novex lool..ur T??? Best.? pray ?öü stay here ....

? pray God guides me all through this year,also may ?? lead ur path (readers) A?? also may ?? keep my Mentor alive for me oh!! (Amen) #mentorNovex..? xx

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