Sat, May 7, 2011 at 9:01 AM


By: LucyyTM

F I N A L L Y! My favorite bonust track from Pink Friday have a videooooo ! . I was sooo excited, couldnt be more happier !! Ithink imma sigh up 4 the Super Bass contest...even though Im a bit nervous. The reason y i reaaaally wanna do it's b/c not a lot of Team Minaj Africa r participatin on the contest, & i wanna show Nicki that her fans from around the world got mad love for her ! But anywaydoe: wish me luck.

ooh, wat was my favorite part on the video?....a question dat i cannot answer!!!!! every scene was my fav.!!! But I think it wil be when she was on the motorbike&when she was on the neon scene....yeah I think so.

USTREAM: yeah i missed it :'( . but the good thing is dat it didnt last long & she didnt call anyone ! so thanx Nicki Minaj for thinkin about me !! (:

and to finish off, watch super bass videoooo ! (: ITS SUPER BASS HOE !

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